guerrilla zen

by syndax vuzz

syndax vuzz

feel the need
to plant yo seed

go ahead
do yo deed

do not heed
ya neighbor’s greed

just remember
yo child ta feed

open your mind

let it bleed

don’t be afraid
pursue yo trade

the price been paid
yo back been flayed

the foundation laid

the foundation for a planetary revolution, that is

winged soul
starring role

nobody showed

it grows and grows
with nowhere to go

hot damn
son of sam
on the lam
in yo face
i will cram
(or another place)

no fact to base
just the way i feel
nothings real

space and time
matter in motion

such an absurd notion

maybe a magnificent mystery
but would’ve made mo sense
for nothing to be

space and time
whats the difference?

what is
the difference
beginning and end
righteousness and sin
what separates
enemy and friend
here and there
now and then

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