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dharma art fragments


Seo writes:  The Enso is one of the most prevalent images of Zen art, and it has become a kind of symbol of the clean and  strong  Japanese aesthetic.  It has been subject to a rich variety of interpretations-seen as everything from a rice cake to a symbol of infinity.  But regardless of how it is understood, the enso is above all the expression of the mind  of the artist who brushes it.  It is said that the state of the Zen practitioner can be clearly read in his or her execution of the circle


from Enso: ZEN Circles of Enlightenment (Paperback) by Audrey Yoshiko Seo

The follwing are a selection of ensos that chose me as I browsed through google images this morning……


…….The beauty of each enso lies in the distinctive characteristics that the calligrapher brings out to shine through. An enso is not just the line and…

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