The trouble with mindfulness

by syndax vuzz

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

A repeated theme on Beyond Meds is about how healing and wholeness requires one to embrace the full emotional spectrum us human beings inherit. Joy, happiness, and grief and despair…all equally.

Below is an excerpt from The Naked Monk’s blog, Stephen Schettini writes:

‘Spiritual’ people often think that negative states of mind are a problem, that hate must be turned into love, frustration into joy. This is valiant but misguided. Are you searching for tranquility, or for a tranquillizer? Sharp, effective mindfulness begins with acceptance of your emotions, not judgement of them. Only then is change possible.

Reality is sometimes so simple that we just miss it. Anger, frustration and regret are appropriate responses to many situations. Indulging in them doesn’t help, but taking a step back and seeing them in context does. Resist the urge to escape and you see what you’re really dealing with.

Those who want…

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