Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

by syndax vuzz

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

A lovely demystification of the shamanic experience from Sounds True. Enjoy.

The popularity of shamanism has increased dramatically over the last few decades, but there is still much confusion about just what shamanism is and how it might be relevant to those in the modern world. Sandra Ingerman has emerged as a teacher with a special gift for demystifying shamanism and helping us experience the world of the shaman directly. As Sounds True producer Matt Licata says, “Sandra helps us understand that we all have the ability to enter non-ordinary reality to receive guidance and healing for ourselves or others.” In this excerpt from The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying, Sandra illuminates the central technique of shamanic practice—the shamanic journey—and its usefulness for those seeking inner transformation and healing.

Listen here:

h/t Integral Options Cafe

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