The Way of a Zen Warrior

by syndax vuzz

Zen Warrior

Yesterday I was clever I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise so I am changing myself.


I believe human beings are in the midst of a shift.  An evolutionary shift in unity consciousness.  A movement that extends beyond ego, self and group to one of all beings connected underneath the foundation of love.  The beings leading this movement, this revolution, stand for something bigger than themselves.  Their belief is one of unity, one of peace, one of love.  These beings see beyond material means, beyond war and conflict, beyond alienation and classes.  These enlightened beings stand for transformation within all living beings.  This is the Way of the Zen Warrior.

No longer will individuals and groups of people be able to control masses of people through fear, and restricting information.  There are governments and individuals still attempting this archaic form of control today but it is only a…

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