a culture of violent desires

by syndax vuzz

a culture of violent desires
runaway train of devilish fires
pursuing patiently
the pain of a paradise
just beyond reach

a cloud of volatile sulfur compounds
explodes from within
spreading outward
driving away
the angels of beauty and freedom

gone are the gifts
bound for the love of a life
seen through the clear crystal ball
of an abandoned gypsy
down the hall

no more time to waste – i gone
bookin’ up outta here
to be buried alive
in a pit of economic excrement
deliriously delivered
to a frontline trench
of the revolutionary war
between “mine” and “yours”
the ariel bombardment
makes mute
the pointless lives of cannon fodder
bought on a consumer buying binge
of heavenly images
of the pain
of a paradise
just beyond reach

to the lowest bidder
by previous agreement
behind closed doors
of perception

by corporate whores
and big business boors