shall i wake thee?

by syndax vuzz

shall i wake thee?
from thy sweet slumber
and disturb the halo of fairies
ringin’ ’round yo head

shall i wake thee?
to bestow upon you
the keys to the Kingdom

shall i wake thee?
and risk arousing
the monster within

shall i wake thee?
and reveal your mortal sin

shall i wake thee
at the edge of the precipice
and allow vertigo to seduce you
into hell’s chasm

you who are already there
screaming in your jealous rage
imprisoned forever
in your crumbling cage
of fear and doubt
and your tradition of belief

you in your melting mansion of misery
stuck in the safe shadow of security
slowly sinking into the sands of the future
facing backwards
passing the present moment by
as if it were already lost
or had never been
as if it had never known
your sad smile
as if it had never known
your cry of delight
at the bird in flight

shall i wake thee?

as if it had never known
the cost in human life
your carefully crafted greed
would exact
from a heart wrenching world
boldly bleeding in your frown
while you stand around
coldly calculating
incrementally and exponentially
the debt owed you
beyond an infinite sum
down payable
with six sacrifices
on the alter of yourself

sleep on sweet sister