power chord

by syndax vuzz

power chord
praise the lord
die by the sword
always go
toward the light
always fight
for what’s right
nothin’ trite
on a solo flight
together we might
do it in spite
all through the night
one more bite

hardship and pain
ain’t it insane
like sweet cocaine
or sleep during rain
in the blood i have lain
my life down the drain
the courage i feign
the last king’s reign
the truth i claim
blind beggar lame
looking for fame
inside the flame

moonlit birds
in the night sky
we wander the labyrinth
till we die
smoke the weed
get so high
remember the girl
breathe a sigh
drink the wine
till you fly
watch the watcher
till the sound is nigh
see the enemy
float on by
hear the children
before they cry
i saw the sight
don’t tell that lie