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slice o’ life drama

slice o’ life drama
(recurring themes)

constant humdrum
clank, bang, and thud

gears grindin’
wheels spinnin’

people cursin’
hollerin’ and laughin’

blank stares
excessive frowns

corporate clowns
ups and downs


tobacco chewin’ and cigarette smokin’
coke and coffee drinkin’
sometimes good food home made

(we mostly leave the weed, whiskey, cocaine, meth, and guns out in the parking lot)

hot acids and alkalines
molten zinc

chemical spills and puddles of oil
air heavily hazy with fine dust in one room
air saturated with oil in the next

cranes poise tons of steel overhead,
tubular formed steel flies by at hundreds of feet per minute

perpetual night
shrouded in an artificial day

monotonous rhythm brain schism
a rich man’s vision

dancin’ with the demon
bitchin’ and screamin’

dream squashin’
brain washin’

soul forfeiture

the only thing
that remains unstained
the hard and shinin’
diamond like perfection
of this timeless moment


false friends

false friends
liars and hypocrites
push their agenda
and evangelize their fears
while presenting them as virtues
that you are obliged to adopt
if you want to fit in

strange looks
strange people
nervous and afraid
they impose themselves
upon my vision
interrupting my stoic stare

when they look again
I curl my lip
and gaze at them
until they turn away

The Complex of Life Synchronicity and Human Perception


via The Complex of Life Synchronicity and Human Perception // Brainsturbator.

Incoherent Quantum Meta-Language and Schizophrenia

Paola Zizzi

via Paola Zizzi.

o, the rash of bleeding ink

o, the rash of bleeding ink
on the flesh of spirit
and intermittent eternity
(it scars the soul)

o, the mass of fleeting scenes
in the eye of god
and lightning clings
(they rock the sky)

and solidify
in virgin forests of concrete and steel

o, the masts of teeming oaks
in the soil and sea of fertility
and flashing schemes
(they fill the void)

with the solitude of ecstasy and atonement

o, the songs of assassins
in guitar strings
and bullet wings
(they free the angels)

in from the storm

» Music, Meditation, and the Skull as a Sound Chamber

 The Teeming Brain

via » Music, Meditation, and the Skull as a Sound Chamber The Teeming Brain.


power chord

power chord
praise the lord
die by the sword
always go
toward the light
always fight
for what’s right
nothin’ trite
on a solo flight
together we might
do it in spite
all through the night
one more bite

hardship and pain
ain’t it insane
like sweet cocaine
or sleep during rain
in the blood i have lain
my life down the drain
the courage i feign
the last king’s reign
the truth i claim
blind beggar lame
looking for fame
inside the flame

moonlit birds
in the night sky
we wander the labyrinth
till we die
smoke the weed
get so high
remember the girl
breathe a sigh
drink the wine
till you fly
watch the watcher
till the sound is nigh
see the enemy
float on by
hear the children
before they cry
i saw the sight
don’t tell that lie


… devoid of …

… motion …

… uttering no sound …


… CALM …


… free from noise or turbulence …

… to put an end to …



… to become motionless or silent …




… EVEN …


… apparatus used in distillation comprising either the chamber in which the vaporization is carried out or the entire equipment …

(from Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)


… process …

… liquids or solids by heating …

… that is used …

… for purification …

… or the formation of new substances …

(from Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)


… transform by distillation …

… to extract the essence …


… to materialize in drops …

… to appear slowly or in small quantities at a time …

(from Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)