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Guerilla Wizardry: DIY spiritual pat(c)hwork


Stick em' up! Stick em’ up!

By The Dizzy Wizard

All Gods – No Masters!

Mainstream religious thought is rife with oppressive doctrine, patriarchy, and bigotry. Global history is colored by the death that deity worship has caused, yet many of those who deny spiritual practice have adapted or acknowledged the beneficial tenets that are professed by most faiths. That is to say, in all things there is balance if you look past what is presented TO you and instead create something that is made FOR you. Towards this end it helps to dissect the process of spiritual work, utilizing what rites and practices most apply to understanding of the self while discarding or re-purposing the things that are detrimental to personal growth. The result of understanding this process is a personal method of access to an intangible force of nature. More frequently this method of access is used in ritual and energy…

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Ok … yeah … so I suggested that wtf guerrilla zen was cleanliness and order. Ya know, first things first. Not antiseptic or puritanical, just healthy, really more for one’s own mind and environment than  to please others. I always trying to create space, room to work.

And actually that flows straight into training and discipline. Cleanliness, order, training and discipline is simply another way of sayin’ live in learning mode. I just talkin’ ’bout what I have to do to survive. This the same shit I been sharin’ fo’ awhile now, irw. And again I saying don’t take anything to an extreme. Well, I guess maybe nothing is too extreme until it imposes on other folks or otherwise detracts from your health and wellbeing.

Well. That’s really all there is to it. The beginning and end of guerrilla zen. You live in learning mode and you can accomplish anything. Uh, that is, if your willin’ to do the grunt work.  The grunt work is the slow, tedious, repetitive, boring routine of learning a new skill. Could be anything – chess, guitar, basketball, martial arts, mathematics, mechanics – any of thousands of life and community enhancing skills, gardening or healing, maybe even the granddaddy of them all – sitting quietly doing nothing.

And while you sittin’ there doin’ nothin’ explore yo’ own mind – go past all the surface bullshit it throws up and shine a light in the hidden corners – spot the demons where they live, they dare not manifest. Face ALL that. And while you sittin’ there doin’ nothin’ you may prepare for the worst case scenario, be prepared. Pay Attention.

false friends

false friends
liars and hypocrites
push their agenda
and evangelize their fears
while presenting them as virtues
that you are obliged to adopt
if you want to fit in

strange looks
strange people
nervous and afraid
they impose themselves
upon my vision
interrupting my stoic stare

when they look again
I curl my lip
and gaze at them
until they turn away